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Aromatherapy is an ancient art dating back over 5,000 years of mixing plant and
flower essences to create a healthy and positive outlook for the body, mind, and

In a holistic approach, essential oils directly affect the brain; most notably known for
the aromatherapy treatment for such ailments of depression, sleep disorders, stress
symptoms, and anxiety.  As well as just giving a positive outlook and regeneration of
positive feelings; it's known to stimulate both mind and body.

Welcome to the wonderful world of aromatherapy-based upon our sense of smell,
which when properly exposed with essential oil based products may open the secret
door to your body, mind, and soul.

We offer a variety of aromatherapy soap, products, gifts, and novelty items.

So....we hope you will find our products to be very helpful in awakening the senses
and rejuvenation!!!!!!

Since 1995........
Celestial Soap is made with only the purest of essential oils
and the finest of ingredients. Our cold process aromatherapy
soap is handcrafted with much love and pride in order to
achieve a wonderful aromatherapy product.  Our products are
100% handmade, vegan, and cruelty free!
Celestial Soap & Gifts
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